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CLF 2024 Raffle


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Now is a great opportunity to support a good cause and get a chance to take
home this beautiful set.

You can easily purchase tickets by:

Call: 540.886.6189
Mail: PO Box 2247, Staunton, VA 24402

Drawing will be held on August 10, 2024, at the CLA Annual Show.

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In 1996, twenty-eight years ago, a small group of passionate artists and collectors formed the premier organization of the Longrifle Culture; the Contemporary Longrifle Association.

The dedicated efforts of our membership have established a unique organization. CLA artists celebrate original longrifles, powder horns, and other accoutrements of the Longrifle Culture, using the “old” as inspiration for “new” contemporary art forms that carry on traditions born long ago.

All organizations require funds to operate, and our members have more than met that challenge year after year. Hundreds of CLA artists have created and donated their art to be auctioned, or raffled, generating funds that help host our annual CLA Meeting in August, publish books, sponsor grants, promote our mission, and more.

This year we celebrate Brilliance, with a fundraising raffle sponsored by the Contemporary Longrifle Foundation. This celebration highlights the brilliance of three artists, both past and present.  Robert Ditchburn, Richard DuVellius, and John Proud.

The CLA Foundation is offering a truly outstanding ensemble by these three exceptional artists. A superb flintlock rifle by the late Robert Ditchburn, combined with an exquisite hunting pouch by Richard DuVellius and an exceptional powder horn by John Proud. The accompanying brochure tells you all about them and exhibits the outstanding work produced by these three artists.

By purchasing tickets for this set, you not only support our organization through our CLF fundraising efforts, but you might be the lucky individual who wins it all!

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